The People of Cascadia 

Pacific Northwest Native American History
written and illustrated by Heidi Bohan
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For students and adults who want to learn about the culture
of the people who have lived in the Pacific Northwest for at least
500 generation before the first European schooners arrived in the late 1700's. The cover, a painting titled 'First Sail' by Bill Holm, signifies that moment in time.

The lands of Cascadia

Cascadia is a geographic area which extends from Alaska to Northern California and as far east as Idaho.  This book provides a highly visual and comprehensive glimpse into the daily life of four major cultural groups, the Coast Salish, Wakashan, Chinookan and Sahaptin which encompass hundreds of tribes which were located throughout Cascadia primarily in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, including tribes in eastern Washington and Idaho.

This project was originally funded by a King County 4Culture- Special Projects grant which the author gratefully acknowledges for its role in allowing multiple draft printings for testing in the schools and for review by tribal members and cultural experts.

Laminated heavy softcover, 175 pages with over 300 illustrations and color photos by the author, historic drawings and photographs; maps and charts; legends and journal notes; plant lists, and an index geared for students research projects. To order